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The Chapter Board is responsible for the conduct of all chapter functions. The board consists of four elected Officers and appointed Chairs of each permanent committee. The four elected officers are Chair, Vice Chair Secretary and Treasurer.

  Chapter Chair
Kristin Leary
inVentiv Health
The Chapter Chair is responsible for ensuring all board members follow through on their duties, making sure the chapter meets members’ needs, and representing the chapter at national functions including the National Board of Governors meetings. The Chapter Chair appoints the Chair of each committee with the Governing Board approval.  

Kristin Leary
TRAC Intermodel 

The Vice Chair is responsible for making regular personal contact with the members to cultivate communications, establish working relations, and ensure satisfaction with the chapter services. The Vice Chair may also be responsible for public relations, welcoming guests and directing committees.  
Susuan Brennan
The Secretary records all acts and proceedings of the chapter including minutes of every board meeting and annual business meeting, maintaining chapter records and files, preparing and distributing chapter mailings, and preparing election ballots.  
Kathryn Antonelli
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
The Treasurer oversees all chapter revenue, prompt deposit into appropriately designated accounts, and payment for all approved chapter expenses. The Treasurer completes and files all mandatory financial reports with NAFA headquarters.  

Affiliate Chair

Frank Memolo, Pars

Arrangements Chair

Debbie Ricciardelli,  Pearson

Membership Chair

Nancy Murray,  AGFA

Program Chair

Doug Becker,  Wheels

Fund Raising Chair


Maintenance/Safety Chair

Phil Moser, ADTS

Web Site Chair

Susanna Brennan, Element Fleet Management

At Large Members

Ray Breault, Fleet Response

Louise Davis-Lopez

Bob Martines,  Corporate Claims Management

Mark Petersen, Panasonic